DaBaby《Pull Up Music》[FLAC/MP3-320K]

隔壁老王 2024-05-14 13:41:07 102


Let me get back on my hustle

**** a friend it's off the muscle

You smoking **** you think I trust you

Burn a ***** like I'm Usher


I don't go back and forth all on the internet

Have no interest for discussion


Pull her hair and choke her while we *******

I prolly give her a concussion

I need a plate and I ain't tryna wait I'm so ******* hungry I could starve

My ***** snuck in with the rod

I'm bout whatever that's on God

I go to jail I pay the bond

Please don't waste my ******* time

Hate on me I hit your he


Play with me I get that iron

Can we ******* keep a secret

That's a forty ***** I keep it


My ***** a ******* Puerto Rican

I **** her every other weekend

They swagger jacking I can peep it

These ***** jacking my steelo

***** it's a brick it's a kilo


I beat a ***** up like Deebo

His ***** got at me on the d-low


I'm wit' my ****** shooting cee-lo

Wouldn't run up on me that's a no go


I keep it on me like it's legal *****

They shoulda told you I'm coming

***** play with me I mop it

It's up

Pull up on me think I'm bluffing

Buss it on ya have ya running


Ya ***** can get it if she want it

Oh yeah

I'm killing ya ***** from the back I smack her as and keep her coming


All my ***** they a hunnid

Police behind me I'm running

I'm gone

My he make your he look ugly

I don't do dimes I do 20's

For real

20 thousand on a Monday


30 thousand on a Tuesday

Caught ya ***** out on a Wednesday

She like my style I had a choosing


Sleep on me and then you losing

Got a beam on the chopper


Make you lean when I pop it

Got some lean from the doctor

Wherever you see me I'm ready

My name a weight this s**t heavy

Got ya ***** face in my lap parked at the 7/11

Yeah we at pump number nine

This ain't no pump this a iron

They ain't let me in with the forty snuck in the back with the 9

These ***** be acting and lying

Posting up statuses crying

There really really ain't no real ******

And I'm 'bout to light the bih' line






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