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Darkest night

I'll confront you here

Such a destiny was not desired

In this place

I never wished to see that

Side of you

And raise

Different colors for one another

Never notice me

Never call my name

With your voice

Let me forget everything

And leave no trace of you

What am I carrying

Out in this horizon of despair?

If it does not you

I can hurt anyone

In the name of justice

Your shadow

Gets in the way of my light

And Testify

Let me forget everything

Still moonlight shines on us

Broken heart

I don't want you

To find and take a look at

So I'll sin more

And destroy my thoughts

Make a mess of my hand

I swear on the darkest night

I'll end it all

And Testify

All that I'm left

With is your reminiscences

Take me to where you are

Won't you?

Till then I'll keep struggling

Curse of justice you don't know




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